The South Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society was formed in 1996 by aquatic plant managers to share and exchange ideas concerning the bio-diversity of aquatic plants and their relationship with water quality, fish and wildlife.

SFAPMS provides an important key to solving many riddles that have no answers! With the tri-county area consisting of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade (which contain over 50% of all licensed aquatic plant applicators in Florida), we have the opportunity to work on resolving many different challenges unique to south Florida. We provide homeowners, applicators and aquatic growers with educational information that ensures the proper management and care of Florida’s aquatic plants.

Our mission is to provide a forum for an exchange of ideas, news and information on plants that grow in and around water in South Florida. Anyone with an interest in aquatic plant management, growth of aquatic plants, or restoration of wetlands is invited to join. Although a strong emphasis is placed on aquatic plants, any plant that impacts South Florida waters will be of interest to our members.

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